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Personal Injury Law Fraud: Cases Revealed

Personal Injury Law: Biggest Fraud Cases in the last years

Every year, thousands of people get thousands of dollars by faking an injury. A rise in liability fraud cases is seen up to 75%. There are many people nowadays who will do anything for money. Fake accidents or injuries are not only unethical but also illegal. Accident fraud is also known as insurance fraud. In insurance fraud cases the company who pays for the insurance faces a huge potential loss. But if the insurance company or the person who caused the accident prove the perpetrator lied, then in this case he or she may face fine or jail time.

Slip And Falls:

These criminals love planned and staged slip and fall injury. They take advantage of any noticeable shortcoming on private or public properties including wet floors, grease spots, even a loose banana peel. They seek to receive a large payout from the owner of the area they were injured or their insurance company. Many of these low lives have been busted staging these fake falls using CCTV.

Car Accident Fraud:

Many people purposefully try to get hit by a vehicle. They certainly do not care about the fact they may injuring a perfectly innocent victim. They have many witnesses around to ensure their claim. A lot of these criminals actually got injured somewhere else and try to extract money from the innocent.

A 30 year old man, Stephen Robinson sued his local council for the negligent maintenance of a drain which he said he had fallen over. However, he was exposed by a YouTube video, which revealed his injuries while doing stunts in front of a crowd. He was sentenced to work unpaid for 20 hours and fined.

Vincent Lamantia, 43, made a personal injury claim in Bronx, NY which was totally fake. The culprit lied about suffering from 9/11 trauma. He collected nearly $150,000 in disability payments. He said that he was to ill to work, but was caught working for an Energy Company and traveling to other countries.

A postman Belangeni Musumbo was caught in fraud injury and jailed for 18 months. He claimed a large sum of money and stated that he had been left disabled after a car hit the back of the van he was unloading.

Another fraudster who wrongfully collecting compensation was Cathy Cashwell from Oak Island. She claimed a shoulder injury while working as a postal worker. She claimed her Injury prevented her from standing, running, and jumping. However, she was caught running, jumping and spinning the wheel in excitement, on a show The Price is Right. She also posted her videos and photos on her Facebook account. She pleaded guilty to fraud.

A former bus driver Valeria Scroggins made a legal claim that she had a severe shoulder accident & injury in the Queens, NY area. She was tracked by detectives in Europe playing drums with her band. So she pleaded guilty to attempted fraud.

A 36 year old Waheed Iqbal pretended to slip on a wet bag in a Lild super market and said he had banged his head and hurt the left side of body. His attorneys demaded a large sum of money before he was caught by CCTV footage and sentenced to 10 months in prison.

The funny thing is that these criminals don’t learn. As technology against these fraudsters improves it seems these cases keep appearing more and more.

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