Bicycle Accidents

Accidents on bicycles can cause serious and even deadly injuries. Lawsuits to retain compensation for harm caused in bicycle accidents with cars involve many of the same issues as any car accident lawsuit. Responsibility for bike accident injuries most of the time depend on whether the car driver’s irresponsibility caused the biker’s injuries, and whether any negligence on the biker’s part caused or contributed to the accident. Negligence on the driver’s part can take place in many ways. Ignoring a stop sign, going over the speed limit, improper passing, or reckless driving are all examples of the driver’s negligence. These basic acts of negligence apply to the biker as well but the driver is usually held more accountable for acts of negligence. If you are in a bicycle accident with a car you can get seriously injured. Each accident case is different so in order to receive proper compensation for your case you will need a good attorney.

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